Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Southwest Granite - Sink choices for Kitchen, Bath, Bar and more!

Sink choices for Kitchen, Bath, Bar, Laundry room and more!
Check out our links at the bottom of this blog for more sink choices and ideas.

~Kitchen Sinks~

~Bathroom Sinks~

~Laundry Room Sinks~

~Bar Sinks~

~Outdoor Sinks~

Our customers frequently ask us about sink options... keep the old or get a new one. We recommend to get a new sink and style to go with your new countertop!  Its best not to reuse your old sink, yet some customers prefer to keep their sink due to budget or personal preference. The cost of a new sink is affordable and we can help you find a sink that will fit your budget, be productive for your lifestyle and will look best with your new countertop. 
The images above are just a few examples of your sink choices. 

Check out the links below for more sink options. 

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